Providing professional veterinary care

The Berlin Veterinary Center was established in 1999 to provide exceptional veterinary care at all hours of the day for the pets of Berlin.

A highly dedicated team of veterinarians will take care of your pets medical needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may bring your pet in any time of the day or night. At least one veterinarian is on site 24/7 to provide immediate care, with additional doctors and surgeons on call. Up to four veterinarians are simultaniously on duty during the day, with at least one veterinarian taking care of the unappointet cases while the others attend to the appointed clients.

Our goal is to assure that you and your pet remain relaxed and comfortable while you visit The Berlin Veterinary Center.

We provide free, on site parking and in an effort to keep waiting time at a minimum, offer appointments 7 days a week.

Modern and sophisticated facilities enable the team to conduct a wide array of surgeries and treatments.

To ascertain your pets safety and well being The Berlin Veterinary Center offers three surgeries, a fully equiped laboratory, two operation theaters, a monitored post surgical wake up room, a standard ward, a seperate ward for infectious cases, an around the clock attended intensive care ward and a special Reptile ward.

By regularly attending renown national and international conferences, participating in continuing education programs and constant in house training of all members of the team we can provide modern, up to date and high level veterinary medicine to you and your pet..

Services of  The Berlin Veterinary Center include amongst others:

  • Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Endoscopy
  • Digital Sonography
  • Cardiology,
  • In House Laboratory
  • House Calls

Should you wish a house call, like to make an appointment or should you have any questions regarding health or nutritional issues of your pet or have any questions about The Berlin Veterinary Center please feel free to call, we will gladly be at your service !



Our cardiologist will provide your pet with diagnosis and management of heart disorders, develope strategies for prevention of heart failure and establish a plan for safe and effective long-term management of your pets heart disease with the ultimate goal of improving your pets life and maintaining its qualtity of life.

Through non-invasive proceedures our cardiologist will safely evaluate your pet with suspected heart disease:

  • Digital echocardiography and doppler echocardiography utilize sound waves to image the heart, its valves, assess blood flow, determine the cause of heart murmurs and assess the strength and health of the heart muscle and its chambers.
  • Digital radiography will yield essential information about the size and shape of the heart as well as all the other structures contained within the chest.
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) assesses the heart rate and rhythm and shows any irregularities (arrhythmias).
  • Blood pressure measurements are used to aquire further information about which medication to use and to monitor treatment effectiveness.
  • Laboratory blood tests are performed to evaluate kidney function, thyroid status and other important parameters.


Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

24 hours a day, 7 days a week members of The Berlin Veterinary Center – Team provide compassionate and professional care for pets that need critical assistance or emergency care in situations like:

  • Trauma
  • Collapse
  • Severe bleeding
  • Poison ingestion
  • Severe debilitation

and any other Illness


More than 50% of cats and 85% of dogs over the age of 3 have dental problems requiring professional, veterinary treatment.

The consequences of leaving dental disease untreated include:

  • oral pain and infection
  • loss of teeth
  • potential infection to major body organs leading to complications like heart valve
  • disease, liverinfection, infection of the uruinary tract

Pets receiving regular and proper dental care live happier and healthier lives.

Procedures performed by the veterinary-team of The Berlin Veterinary Center include:

  • Jaw fracture repair
  • Surgical extractions
  • Restorations
  • Orthodontics
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
  • Oral cancer surgery



In diabetic patients sugar can´t be utilized by the cells, building up in your pet´s blood due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the bodies inabilitiy to use its own insulin as well as it should.

Diabetic signs include :

  • weight loss
  • increased appetite
  • increased water intake
  • increased urination

When untreated diabetes can result in serious health complications, including heart disease, liver disease, kidney failure and blindness, among others.

Digital Radiolgy

Using state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment, The Berlin Veterinary Center ´s team provides rapid diagnostic assessment of pets requiring medical or surgical care.

To help in the diagnostic process, determine prognosis and guide treatment, we offer the following diagnostic services:

  • X- ray
  • Contrast urogenital imaging
  • Contrast GI studies
  • Canine hip assessment
  • Canine elbow assessment
  • Spine assessment in the German Boxer

Gastroenterology is the study of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the

  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Small and large intestines
  • Liver
  • Gall bladder
  • Pancreas

Diagnostic proceedures our gasteroenterologists will utilize include :

  • Digital radiography, yielding essential information about the size and shape of the gastrointestinal tract and  showing radiodense foreign bodies within the gastointestinal tract.
  • Digital sonography, using sound waves to gain further information about the density, form and shape of organs like the liver, the gall bladder or the pancreas.
  • Endoscopy, using small, flexible scopes to perform esophagoscopy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. With these minimally invasive procedures the gastroenteroilogist is able to visualize the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract and obtain biopsies.
  • Laboratory blood tests are performed to look for inflammatory signs, evaluate liver, gall bladder and pancreatic function or diagnose allergic causes for the gastrointestinal disturbance.
  • Fecal Analysis, testing for parasites, starting mycological and bacterial cultures and doing tests to evaluate pancreatic and liver function
Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory medicine is the study and treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract (e. g. the nose, nasopharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lower airways).

Our veterinarians will first thorougly examin your pet, observe its breathing pattern, listen to its lung and heart sounds with a stethoscope, palpate the throat and neck, look into the mouth and than utilize further diagnostic means like :

  • digital radiography
  • rhinoscopy (using a scope to visualize the nasal cavity, and sometimes obtain biopsies)
  • bronchoscopy to assess the structure and function of the larynx, the trachea, and the lower airways
  • an endotracheal wash or a bronchoalveolar lavage to examine cells from the lower airways and test for bacterial content of the lavage fluid